Style: Styling the seasons - September

September is one of my favourite months - the smell in the air, the crispness of everything, the light, the coolness in the mornings and the unique scent of the first day of school.

The trees in our garden are laden with apples and down the back lane there is a derelict garage that nature has taken back for herself. The brambles are climbing over the bricks and rubble, squeezing their prickly vines through gaps and cracks and giving me a good supply of blackberries to make wreaths with and for the children to snack on.

September means abundance to me so I styled my potting bench with a blackberry wreath, freshly picked apples and elderberries, a little garlic and a feather and some pine cones that Laurie picked up on our walk this morning.

I feel the need to hunker down, get organised and tidy and ready everything for colder weather and shorter days - in fact my freshly washed blankets are hanging on the line right now ready for snuggling in front of the fire when the time comes.

I hope September is a good month for you all. Thank you all for continuing to read my little blog it means a lot to me. 

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Styling the seasons is a project thought up by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots you can join in on instagram with the hastag #stylingtheseasons.