Life: A new year

New year flower
New year flower

I cannot tell you how many magazine features I have written about New Year's resolutions, how to make them, how not to make them. I've spoken to all the experts, I've read all the books, and what it comes down to is this. Don't make resolutions. Have goals. Specific ones that are actually obtainable.

Two years ago I decided that my goal was going to be "wear colourful socks" - two years later and my feet are always colourful. At that time I had and 18 month old and was pregnant (and vomiting) with a second baby - colourful socks was about the only goal I could manage.

Last New Year I had a two and a half year old and a five month old. I was too tired for goals. But in May I decided I wanted to start this blog by the end of the year. And I did it.

This year, buoyed by the success of the past few years I have several goals in mind - which may or may not be my undoing.

1. Eat more veg. Before we had children we ate so many more vegetables than we do now. I'm so far from my five-a- day sometimes that I'm pretty sure there is a vegetable deficit going on in my body. Peas, sweetcorn, carrots and beetroot is all I can coax the children to eat openly. Everything else has to be covertly disguised. This year I'm leading by example and I'm getting more veg. Expect veg based recipes very soon.

2. Grow my blog and get more lovely readers - I haven't worked out how I'm going to do that yet - it's a bit harder than buying colourful socks. But grow it I will.

3. Take better photographs. At the beginning of 2013 I really didn't know much about my camera but I went to this workshop, took the picture of that beautiful Dahlia and learnt so much. I want to learn even more.

4. Be thankful. I find it all to easy to take what I have for granted and to always be wanting more. In some ways that's a good thing - it makes me ambitious and gives me drive. But in other ways it's bad. It means I often feel ungrateful or that I don't make the most of what I have now. Everyday I want to try and take a moment to count my blessings and be thankful for what I have.

5. Remember my children. I mean really remember them. I want to capture all the bits in between the photographs. The footsteps on the stairs in the early morning. The late night cuddles after a bad dream. How they sleep with bunnies under their chins or with their arms up by their ears. The smell of their hair. The feel of their cuddles. The stories we read. The giggles we have. And the tears - mine and theirs. The precious moments that  nobody takes a picture of, that will be lost if I don't stop and remember them.

So there we have it - five goals that I hope to achieve this year. What do you want for 2014? Every goal counts from colourful socks to climbing mountains.