Life: Two


Photo by Granny's World - thanks granny.

This past week was all kinds of crazy. I was so busy that I don't really remember much of anything that went on. But I do know that my smallest boy was two on Saturday - we ate meatballs and cake and played in the sunshine of course. But I want to write him a note here just as I did for his brother a while back.

Laurie you're two now and you have lost every little baby thing about you. You're a big, barrelling boy who runs everywhere, bouncing off walls and falling over constantly. The sound of your little bare feet running along the tiles in the hall is a sound I hope I never forget, but the chances are I will.

I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly desperate to hang on to your littleness, but I know I can't, so a big boy I must let you be. And I don't think I'd have much choice. You're fiercely independent and incredibly determined. You want to be one of the big ones and you're going to keep on tagging along until they let you in.

You're cheekily mischievous and love nothing more than winding your brother up. You watch him patiently building something and then steal a brick, and run full tilt through the house cackling with delight as your brother chases you in frustration. You happily hand back whatever you've taken and then steal something else straight away to start the game again - much to his annoyance.

Sometimes you get cross with each other, but Rufus is the first person you ask for when you wake up and you hate him going anywhere without you. In fact your nickname is "And-me" because every time Rufus does anything you ask: "and me?" and grab your shoes.

New words come tumbling out of your mouth every day and everyone comments on how well you speak. Having a big bother and a Mummy who never stop talking has probably helped. But you still amaze me everyday with the things you say. You love dinosaurs too (of course) and anything slightly mechanical, especially tractors. You can pick out a John Deere a mile off.

When you get tired you love to snuggle under a blanket (whatever the weather) on the sofa with your bunnies. And when you get sad you climb up into my lap, rest your head on my chest and say "sing moon mummy" and I sing to you and you stop crying and snuggle in to me. You always smell sweet like biscuits and I have to keep singing until that last shuddery breath stops and you're calm again. If you're not ready to get down you tell me to "sing it again mummy." No matter if you've been having a tantrum of epic proportions about something utterly crazy I love those moments, when only my cuddles will do.

I think my favourite time of day has to be when I tuck you in to bed and tell you I love you. You wait until I'm just shutting your bedroom door before you shout " I love you mummy" and my heart melts just a little bit.

So little Laurie, as much as I want you to stay my baby forever I can't wait to watch you grow up. I'm so proud of you my little boy, don't ever stop being you because you're perfect and know that you'll always be my baby even when you're grown up. Happy birthday Laurie Lu - I love you .