Life: Three

Too long ago, way back at the end of July, Laurie turned three. I've been trying to post this letter to him since then, but then came the end of term, the summer holidays, and back to school and it's gone past in a whirlwind of adventures, afternoon naps, arguments, play doh, cars, lego and big family holidays. And now we're back to normal and I finally have time to sit down and finish writing this letter that I started oh so long ago.

It seems crazy that my baby is so big and that it’s three years ago that I sat in my hospital bed watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics trying to settle an already hungry new born. Each year I write a letter to my boys on their birthdays for them to read when they grow up. Laurie I'm soooo sorry that this one is so late - next year I'll try harder.

Wow Laurie – you’re three and this is the first year you’ve been interested in your birthday and you had such a great day. You were so excited about every present you opened, shouting wow as the paper came off. I think you were so pleased to have toys that were just yours and not your brother's. You loved your superhero party too and refused to take your Batman costume off even though you were so hot and sweaty. When we put you to bed that night after a really long day you said “thank you for having my birthday”, which made our hearts ache.

You love superheroes, though I have no idea where you’ve learnt about them, and you want to be one when you grow up. You also love to cook and eat and always ask me what I’m cooking. You want to see inside my pots and pans and taste things too. You love stories and we often sit and read together while Rufus is at school, snuggled on the sofa under a blanket.

You love to cuddle me, with your arms tight around my neck. You run your hands through my hair and twist it though your fingers. Before you go to bed each night I read you If Kisses Were Colours by Alison Jay and you finish off every line. You like to hold my hand and I have to rub my thumb across the top of your hand, you get cross is I stop and pull my thumb. I hope you’ll remember these moments, but the chances are you won’t. You’re very good at knowing when people are sad and you love to play the fool to cheer people up – throwing yourself on the ground and being silly, making everyone laugh.

You can be wicked and wild and push me to my very limits, but you always pull that cheeky smile that gets me everytime. You love to roar at people when they tell you off, which makes it really hard.  Winding up your brother, breaking his Lego creations and chasing him until he squeals are still your favourite activities. That said you still tell each other that you’re best friends. And the other day I heard you talking about how you still want to live together when you grow up.

And growing up you are. You're big and boisterous,  but you still need to hold my hand when we walk down the stairs and you still love to be swept off your feet in a hug. I know that soon you'll be walking down the stairs without me and the cuddles won't last as long.

We love you very much Laurie-Bobs and we’re so proud of you. And although I’m sad that my baby is now too big to curl up in my lap comfortably, I can’t wait to see you grow up and everything this year brings you. As you tell me every day you're my “big boy baby” and you always will be.