Life: Four

Strawberry Rhubarb Cordial (and a sneaky daiquiri)
Strawberry Rhubarb Cordial (and a sneaky daiquiri)

Today my biggest boy is four. I can't quite believe he's been ours for four whole years. There will be a party, with dinosaurs. But I just wanted to write him a special birthday post. I used to blog about my children but I felt uncomfortable sharing so much after a while so I started to blog here instead. Sometimes I miss sharing how proud I am of my children and how special I think they are. So I hope you don't mind this little break from the normal and a bit of mummy waffling.

Rufus you are four today and what an amazing four year old you are. You've been desperate to be four for a long time and you've been counting down the weeks (although you still don't quite understand the passage of time).

You are such a clever and intelligent boy - through you I have learnt more about dinosaurs than I have ever wanted or needed to know. When you fall in love with something you fall in love hard - which may not bode well for the future. But for now you love dinosaurs and want to know everything about them. Your memory never fails to amaze me and you always pick us up if we say something wrong. You are so confident and you're growing in self assurance all the time, which I love.

You adore your little brother - although you like to pretend that you don't. He loves to wind you up which drives you crazy - and yet you still both ask for each other every morning when you wake up. Watching your friendship grow is very special and I can't wait to see you become even closer as you grow up.

It won't be long until you go to school and you're counting down to that too. Laurie and I will miss you so much and we can't quite work out what our days at home will be like without you. But you'll have a fantastic time and although you profess to hate learning, I know you'll love everything they can teach you.

My favourite time of the day is when we snuggle up in your bed at bedtime and read together. Sometimes I know you're not listening, but it's lovely to have time just for us. You always love to cuddle me and I hope that never changes.

I'm so proud of you my special, clever and loving boy. You often ask me if I'll still love you when you're grown up or go to school and all I can say is that I'll love you forever because you are one of my greatest achievements, I've never been prouder of anything else in my entire life and you hold a huge piece of my heart. Happy birthday my precious boy - I love you.