Life: Five

Last week Rufus was five. I try to write a post to each of my children for their birthdays. I used to write a mummy blog about them but got nervous about sharing so much of their lives online - but once a year I like to harp on about how much I love them. So this, Rufus, is for the five year old you.

What a year it's been for you, my biggest boy. You've started school and taken it all in your stride. You love to learn and you still want to be a paleontologist. But your interest in science has become even wider. You want to know everything there is to know about how the world and all the things in it work. In fact you love science so much that you won the school science award last term for your knowledge of the world, your love of all things scientific and for your ability to teach other children about science. I know you didn't understand the true significance of it, but that award could have gone to any child, in any year at the school - and you're in foundation and you won it. We're so, so proud of you.

Last week you managed to create an electrical circuit out of bulbs, wires and batteries and your teacher was so impressed she came to see me after school to tell me all about it. You continue to amaze me and I never really know where it all comes from - although Daddy is pretty convinced it was passed down in his genes.

Your confidence has really grown this year and you seem so much more grown up. I can't quite believe that you're five already. Despite being a big grown up boy you still have time for your little brother and even though you still like to wind each other up and scrap like crazy I know deep down that you really love each other. You kiss each other good bye every morning at school and always have a hug when we pick you up. 

You still love to snuggle and every night we read stories together before you go to bed. You love the Famous Five and the Secret Seven and now you're discovering Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and have all the other Roald Dahl books on your list for us to read. When we've finished reading we have to have a cuddle, then you lay you head on my tummy and listen to it gurlge, pretending it is talking to you. Every night it tells you that it wants me to stay in your room and snuggle with you for just a bit longer. And that's my cue to tickle you so that I can escape and you can go to sleep - after reading a dinosaur or science book for a bit of course.

I'm intrigued about what this year will hold for you. I hope you'll continue to try hard at school, even when things don't come easily. I can't wait to watch your relationship with your little brother grow. And I hope being five doesn't make you too cool for cuddles with your Mummy.

I'm always telling you I love you and squeezing you too tight, but just in case you need to hear it again today, I love you lots and although I know you hate it when I say this, you'll always be my baby - even when you're grown up. x