Food: Knickerbocker Glory (a healthy version)

One of my earliest memories is of a knickerbocker glory. It was big, really big. I remember having to stand on my chair to eat it with one of those long spoons. It had a cherry on the top and plenty of whipped cream. If I remember rightly we were beside the sea and for some reason I think the cafe was a 1930s style place with huge curved windows. I was wearing t-bar shoes and they were navy - an that's as much as I remember.

True knickerbocker glories are a dreamy concoction of ice cream, fruit, whipped cream, sugary syrup, chocolate and a cherry. One day I promise that my children will get to eat a real one - in fact my four year old already has. But they are most definitely a treat - a going-to-send-you-totally-wild-on-a-crazy-sugar-high kind of treat. But I'm not totally evil and I wanted to give them a knickerbocker glory-ish pudding - so I created these ones made with fruit, compote, natural yogurt and a light dusting of chocolate.

To make your own you will need:

Fresh berries - I bought a punnet each of strawberries and raspberries but any berry would be great
2 tsp caster sugar
Plain yogurt - I went for full fat (you could also use a berry flavoured yogurt here too)

Hull your strawberries and cut them in half then add half of them to a small pan with half of the raspberries. Sprinkle over the sugar and heat gently so the berries release their juice and start to break down. Once the fruit has reduced to a sauce you can leave it as it is or liquidise it for a smoother finish - I left it rustic. Allow to cool.

Once cool you can start to layer up your sundae. Start with some fruit and a drizzle of compote. Add yogurt and a grating of chocolate, pile on more fruit, more compote and keep going until you've filled your glass. Finish with fruit and another grating of chocolate and watch them enjoy them. Older kids would love making these themselves - I'm sure my kids could make them but I'd probably freak out at the mess.