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I was lucky enough to have a year off with each of my boys when they were babies and I loved it. Not every minute of it, because some of those minutes were damn hard. Especially the please-stop-crying-and-go-back-to-sleep minutes and the I've-fed-you-I've-changed-you-I've-burped-you-why-won't-you-stop-crying-and-go-to-sleep minutes and also the I-spent-a-huge-amount-of-my-day-lovingly-cooking-that-for-you-and-now-it's-on-the-floor minutes - but I digress. In those years and also the one in between I pretty much turned my whole life over to my children.

I still socialised, with other over tired parents, but I didn't do very much else. It was all about them and their needs and wants. I'm happy that I was willing and able to do that and I feel proud of myself for making them my number one priority. And they still are my number one. But once my littlest boy turned one I decided that I needed to come higher up my list. I needed to re-discover me and my interests and my passions. And this blog was born. A commitment to myself to make and create and cook and write again.

There is no doubt that having children changes you. I know that's a trite cliché - but it really does. It makes you focus on things that are important and weed out things that aren't. It makes prioritise things in your life and it gives you a new confidence in what you can achieve. After all if you managed to keep a baby alive, well and developing on track for an entire year anything else seems far simpler.

That's why I think many women start new businesses after they've had children. A lot of women look at the career they had before and find it less satisfying and fulfilling. There are some amazing women, running amazing business - and looking after their families at the same time.

Working for yourself is hard work, but it means you're in control. You can work around your family if you need to, and like you found with your children, you can find that extra bit of patience and energy to make it work when you thought you had nothing left to give.

You may have noticed that the Be Inspired section of this blog has been empty until now. But now I'm hoping to fill it with mums who have started their own inspirational businesses. So that they can tell the rest of us how it really works. How they fit it around their family. How they got started and how they're making it a success. Hopefully they'll inspire some of you to make that idea in you head into a reality. Or just encourage you to rediscover your passions.

So, if you're a mum, or you know a mum, who has started a small business since having children, and you want to share your story then please get in touch. And watch this space for some motivating stories from real women living your dream - coming soon. Thanks for reading.